Windmill Tripod Lifestyle Pedestal Fan

Ultra- Modern Pedestal Fan
Tripod, as name implies, emulates a camera tripod with 3 legs. Windmill Tripod fan is an exemplary pedestal fan designed with hand made solid wood pillars and is all metal rugged and durable.


By placing this modern-looking machine in your office, home or study, you can make the setting look more attractive and appealing.


Salient Features

  • 3 Speed Regulations by Pull Chain.
  • Solid Wood Legs for added Stability.
  • Tropical class rated motor for operation in extreme temperatures.
  • Rubber Sealed Ball bearing Motor, smooth operation and Oscillation.
  • All Aluminum construction.
  • Silent operation.
Available Sizes 300mm (12") | 400mm (16")
Power 56W | 67W
RPM 1300 | 1250
Airflow 850 CFM (300mm (12") at full speed)