Windmill Antonov Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

Exemplary Design with Airplane Wood Propellers
Fan blades made out of airplane propellers, yes you have read it right. The blades of the Antonov fan is made out of the same wood which is used to make airplane/glider propellers. This makes the build quality of the fan very strong and light in weight - resulting in better wind circulation.

Durability and power
Antonov comes fitted with a super-strong high torque of 18 pole motor and is made up of die-cast aluminum with Genuine Aeronautical grade Wood propellers. Also available with optional remote control accessory.

Available Sizes 1300mm (52")
Power 67W
RPM 270
Airflow 5515CFM (1300mm (52") at full speed)

Specifications of Antonov:

  • Solid Carved wood, Genuine Propeller blades.
  • Perfect Aerodynamic design for Soundless Operation.
  • Bold design that attracts attention.
  • High temperature class insulation, eliminates motor burning
  • Tropical class rated motor for operation in extreme temperatures.
  • Rubber Sealed Double Ball bearings for longer life and smooth operation.
  • All Aluminum construction.

Windmill Antonov 52

Windmill Antonov 52