Windmill Heritage 1910 Luxury Ceiling Fan

A Fan which truly stands for Heritage & Antiquity
Heritage 1910 comes back with a bang. Earlier it was made and introduced in the 1910’s by IEW and now it is again brought back in the market. Heritage 1910 stands for its spirit and class which provides gentle breeze at slow speed and strong powerful winds at high speed without making any disturbing sound.

High performance Compact Motor.
Original Heritage fan design of 1910 era.
Solid Teak Wood Blades available as option.
Remote Control accessories available.
Highly Customizable design for Projects.

Available Sizes 900mm (36") | 1200mm (48") | 1300mm (52")
Power 57W | 68W | 72W
RPM 280 | 250 | 210
Airflow 4630 CFM (1300mm (52") at full speed)

Windmill Heritage 1910

Windmill Heritage 1910