Windmill Spitfire Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

New- Age Design with Genuine Wood Propellers
Spitfire fan is named after the legendary World War II fighter plane. Its blades are made out of the same wood as used in airplane propellers. This makes the blades very lightweight so that it can perform flawlessly and ensure huge air delivery without any noise.


Its unique design with no exterior bolts, nuts and wires make your room look very premium and elegant.


  • Solid Carved wood, Genuine Propeller blades.
  • Perfect Aerodynamic design for Soundless Operation.
  • Bold design, demands attention.
  • High temperature class insulation eliminates motor burning.
  • Tropical class rated motor for operation in extreme temperatures.
  • Rubber Sealed Double Ball bearings for longer life and smooth operation.
  • All Aluminum construction.
  • Super strong high torque 18 pole motor.
  • Remote control accessory available.
Available Sizes 1300mm (52")
Power 67W
RPM 270
Airflow 5515 CFM (1300mm (52") at full speed)

Windmill Spitfire

Windmill Spitfire

Windmill Riviera 60