Windmill Fans

Introducing iStudio, a whole new experience centre for the ones who are addicted to luxury. iStudio is a state of the art experience centre which enables sybarites to experience the futuristic luxurious electrical appliances in real-time. Many of the interior designers, architects, and builders hold keen interest in visiting such out of the box experience centre which takes them straight into the plush lifestyle category of electrical products. Not only this but the main aim of iStudio is to enable them to touch and feel all the deluxe products on their own and experience them to the fullest so that they can guide their clients with more options who want something luxurious and unique in their home or office which they have never seen before in someone else’s premises.

Here at “iStudio” you can have experience from a wide range of luxurious electrical products such as Windmill lifestyle fans, Havells home art lights- designers wall lights and pendants, Automation products, Eubiq- flexible power outlets including office/Conference table power solution.

is powered by Indersons one of the leading distributors & trade suppliers, fulfilling all the needs of electrical supplies in Delhi/NCR region with all high quality electrical equipments of renowned brands.