Windmill Generation Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

Powerful Fan for Large Spaces

Facing trouble cooling large space? Don’t worry, Windmill Generation Fan is a true solution to this issue. 5 Blade Design coupled with a huge air throw, it fills large spaces with air in seconds and that too with absolutely no disturbing sound.

5 Blade Wide Spread Air pattern.
Most powerful 18 pole fan motor in the Industry.
High temperature class insulation eliminates motor burning.
Tropical class rated motor for operation in extreme temperatures.
Rubber Sealed Double Ball bearings for longer life and smooth operation.
All Aluminum construction.

Available Sizes 1400mm (56") | 1500mm (60") | 1600mm (64")
Power 68W | 80W | 85W
RPM 230 | 200 | 200
Airflow 6500 CFM (1400mm (56") at full speed)

Windmill Generation

Windmill Generation