Windmill Generation Mark 2 Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

Mesmerizing Sophisticated Fan with Brushless DC Technology
Generation DC fan is all about power and looks.  It comes up with an ultra-powerful high torque produced from powerful brushless DC motor. All aluminum body makes it durable in nature. Consisting of 5 powerful blades – this fan has one of the best airflow and air delivery.

Generation DC fan is designed to keep the large spaces cool with only one single powerful fan.A Contemporary Sleek Look, 5 Blade High-Speed Technology ensures Huge Air Delivery Volumes and that too without creating any noice.

Generation DC Fan is best suited for large rooms, large bedrooms, halls, living area, dining rooms, etc.

Available Sizes 1400mm (56")
Power 32W
RPM 270
Airflow 9000 CFM (1400mm (56") at full speed)

Windmill Generation Mark-2

Windmill Generation Mark-2