Windmill Colonia Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan with real Colonial design
With an internationally acclaimed design, Colonia is an original colonial design ceiling fan. In France, you can easily spot these fans in villas, beach houses, café’s, etc. Colonial is powered by 18 pole heavy-duty motor with almost no sound while running.


Colonial fan is available in unlimited combination of colors, with proper finish which makes it favorite of interior designers.


  • 18 Pole Heavy Duty Stamping.
  • High temperature class insulation eliminates motor burning.
  • Tropical class rated motor for operation in extreme temperatures.
  • Rubber Sealed Double Ball bearings for longer life and smooth operation.
  • All Aluminum construction.
  • Design Flexibility for Architects & Designers.
Available Sizes 1050mm (42") | 1200mm (48") | 1400mm (56") | 1500mm (60")
Power 57W | 65W | 68W | 74W
RPM 280 | 277 | 270 | 246
Airflow 6050 CFM (1400mm (56") at full speed)

Windmill Colonia

Windmill Colonia

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