Windmill Asana Neo LED Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

Sophisticated Version of Ceiling Fan
Tropical rated Australian approved Asana LED fan is powered by 18 pole super cool reversible motor with 16 Watts high brightness dimmable LED light.

The fan has customizable blades so you can choose from teak or transparent blades to change the look of the fan easily.

Designed with die-cast aluminum construction which makes the product rugged and durable in nature.

Available Sizes 1050mm (42") | 1200mm (48") | 1400mm (56") | 1500mm (60")
Power 57W | 65W | 71W | 78W
RPM 280 | 277 | 245 | 246
Airflow 6545 CFM (1400mm (56") at full speed)

Windmill Asana